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Resident Picks: March

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Each of our residents fill you in on their favourite digs of the month.

Coinciding with the launch of our site we wanted to introduce a monthly series, "Residents Picks". Each month our residents will share their favourite finds from the past weeks, ranging from classics and new releases to disregarded gems. Here are the March picks...



"A recent fave, moody start into tha big boy funk ! That 4 min switch, yeahhhh 🥂"


"An intergalactic and epic intro track from Scotland's powerhouse imprint, Soma. Futuristic funk if ever there were a thing!"


"A beautiful buildup starting off tempo and gradually increasing to create a flourish of pumping percs and uplifting guitar groove. Perfect for that special shift on the dance floor."


"Because who doesn't want a stiff dub of a Carmen Electra tune in their record bag?"

Zeus "Deyayu fan boy here! Always anticipating his next work and the whole EP on Kontrast did not disappoint..."


"Stumbled on this upbeat hip hop gem at my local fav, Mion! Would rock a system..."



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