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Resident Picks: July

Each of our residents fill you in on their favourite digs of the month.

Coinciding with the launch of our site we wanted to introduce a monthly series, "Residents Picks". Each month our residents will share their favourite finds from the past weeks, ranging from classics and new releases to disregarded gems. Here are the July picks...



"a smooth & sexy summertime roller on all the aways reliable Paper Recordings :)"



"Like a frog riding in a spaceship - Straight intergalactic slipperiness!"



"Powerful rolling deep House-I-Ness dipped in essence of Techno. A great arrangement keeps this tune moving through different shades, all the while supplying dancefloor heaven.

Did someone say organ SOLO!"



"A jazzy broken beat with mysterious strings and a mischievous bass line rolling nicely into a melodic breakdown glued together with alluring pads advancing the track with a subtle bassline switch up. The playful changes and sexy spoken words leave you wondering what it is she likes to watch."



"Amazing production from a young talent from Slovenia, Beewel, also a member of the lovely Rite Of Passage crew. And to be honest, all round legend. On the latest VA from the Phi label. Yes, Jaka bomb!"



"Smoother than smooth!! Love the whole album. La la la la laa laaaa la"



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