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Resident Picks: April

Each of our residents fill you in on their favourite digs of the month.

Coinciding with the launch of our site we wanted to introduce a monthly series, "Residents Picks". Each month our residents will share their favourite finds from the past weeks, ranging from classics and new releases to disregarded gems. Here are the April picks...



"Fresh 2021 release on a new label from Paolo Macri. Definitely the heavier, curveball on the record, but have got it on repeat. The reversed swirly synths contrasted with the super dry saw wave bass & repetitive vocoder line. killerrrrrr"


"Deep, sleek and sexy. One for those sun-kissed Summer mornings as Saturday melts into Sunday."


"An erratic number from the New Composers earlier work. Something to send the floor into a frenzy with its skatty samples and driving bass perched under house synth stabs. Interesting Russian grooves!"


"Beautiful smooth jazzy number to ease your weary mind out of the weekends shenanigans and into the working week..."


"You know the ones you ponder on for a while, and when you finally order them and play the record, you realise it was something you should of done a long while back? Basically...this! Freshly received"


"The clue is in the track name!"



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