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Felon5 - The Chronicles Of Mucky Trace [BIZR001]

We Launch Our Vinyl Label With A Four Tracker From Felon5.

Our first vinyl EP narrates the kitchen-table tales of the mythical Mucky Trace, brought to you by our resident marching band, Felon5.

As the gloomy shadow of 2020's year-long dance floor hiatus gradually begins to dissipate, an international calling for hedonism has swept eagerly through the world of dance music. And with it, an unspoken summoning for the third 'Summer of Love'.

A year of pleasure indulgence and accidental anarchy as we flock from forest to field and retake the dance floors we so often missed.

So, as the year begins to gain momentum and the calendars begin to fill, let us join you in the celebrations for the year that we lost and present you with our piece of this intricate puzzle - BIZR001.

The label will serve as an amalgamation of the years of Bizarre that have passed. Of sleepless Sunday mornings as nights turned into days and days back into nights. Providing a soundtrack for that dedicated weekend warrior, sporting a crinkled cowboy hat and a pair of luminescent sunglasses, blissfully unaware of the world outside the walls that surround them.

And in doing this, build a lasting home for our residents and for the wandering nomads who have yet to find a home. Sprinkling a personal pinch of our own seasoning into the musical stratosphere and offering a timeless fragment of Bizarre to the future generations that will succeed us.

"The Chronicles Of Mucky Trace" will land this summer, thanks to Ba Dum Tish.


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